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Al Fresco at Lovage

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Enjoy the vibrant warm colours of summer as you treat your palate to the delicacies, freshly prepared in our kitchen. With our outdoor space open, make sure to capitalise on both the late afternoon sun for lunch and perhaps a light evening breeze during dinner.

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Fresh Homemade Pasta

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It starts off by mixing eggs and flour. Squid ink is then incorporated and gives the resulting dough its unique colour. A prawn & crab filling is placed on the dough and this is cut to form a raviolo. After a brief warm salted bath, they are tossed in a lemon zest & fresh herb fish velouté. Next stop… on your plate.

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New Menu at Lovage

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As the seasons change, so does the plethora of fresh quality ingredients that surround us. We recently updated our menu, adding dishes bursting with flavour that better reflect the summer season!

Did you check it out yet? www.lovagebistro.com/our-menu

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Italian Wines by Donatella Cinelli Colombini

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Standing out amongst an array of wines stocked at Lovage undoubtedly is Brunello di Montalcino DOCG. This full-bodied red wine is the product of Sangiovese grapes, harvested from the warm Tuscan vineyards of Donatella Cinelli Colombini. A spectacular wine, best complemented by one of our premium cuts of meat.

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Starters – Mushroom Coffee

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One of the dishes that leaves people talking is our Mushroom Coffee. The earthy flavours of the mushrooms are enhanced with flamed brandy and freshly cut lovage. Whilst still hot in the cast iron pan, it is topped with coffee-infused cream, adding an additional layer of complexity.

Treat your taste buds at Lovage Bistro by booking a table on +356 7959 4098.

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Meet Isaac

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Meet Isaac, the newest addition to our kitchen team. A formally trained chef, with experience as a butcher, Isaac will ensure that only the finest selection of quality cuts of meat are used in our kitchen, further emphasizing the ethos towards quality ingredients at Lovage Bistro.

To reserve your table at Lovage Bistro, kindly call on +356 7959 4098.

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Main Course – Beef Tagliata

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The Tagliata is one of our dishes that highlights the importance of simplicity and good quality ingredients. After cooking the premium quality grain fed beef to your liking, we generously top it with fresh arugula and Parmigiano shavings. So simple, yet so divine 😉

To reserve your table at Lovage Bistro, kindly call on +356 7959 4098.

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Father’s Day – Chef Matthew

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For Chanel Marie and Beppe, celebrating Father’s Day starts a bit later on in the day, after Chef Patron Matthew finishes service. They do understand that he was cooking for daddies and their families all day long, but as soon as he hangs his apron, they just can’t wait to give him a warm and loving embrace!

All the team at Lovage Bistro hope that you all had a wonderful Fathers Day 🙂

Dessert – Apple Crumble

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Apple Crumble must be one of the heartiest desserts coming out of our kitchen. Let your silverware be the vessel to generously combine the warm spiced apples, textured crumble, buttery pastry and silky smooth freshly whipped cream – all in one mouthful (of course) creating a sense of bliss spanning from the first fork full to the last crumb.

Let your taste buds be carried away by booking your table on +356 7959 4098.

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Special – Pan Seared Scallops with Risotto

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Just in from Scottish shores are these beautiful fresh king scallops. Pan seared and served on a creamy prawn bisque and saffron risotto will definitely make this a monthly special not to be missed!

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