Lovage Bistro

About Us


At Lovage

At Lovage, we are passionate about food, and creating exceptional dishes prepared with fresh ingredients to make your meal an utterly scrumptious one, is our specialty! Come and enjoy a delicious and enjoyable meal at our restaurant which combines a homegrown, traditional style of cooking with a contemporary and modern twist. The bistro also enjoys the bonus of outdoor seating and a bar. The appealing Mediterranean dishes, snug ambience and overall great service make Lovage a great choice of restaurant, be it for a quick dine with your loved ones.


About Chef Matthew

Excellent-quality, delicious fare is high on our Head Chef’s agenda. Meet the man behind the magic at Lovage, Chef Matthew Schembri who sprinkles his expertise into every dish. For him, each and every dish is a creation destined to be savoured and enjoyed. His selectiveness and desire for perfection come from both his wealth of training in gastronomy and more than a decade’s worth of experience in the catering industry.
Chef Matthew promises diners at Lovage heavenly food, excellent service and a fantastic dining experience.

Award winning menu

Our menu boasts a selection of delectable Mediterranean-based dishes including pasta, meat, fish and salads, all at good value for money.

Two of the bistro’s specialities are the garganelli and the rabbit which are both prepared using the restaurant’s favourite herb, lovage. And like the rest of our dishes, they are carefully fine-tuned by our Head Chef to capture the savoury and sophisticated flavours of the Mediterranean.

With all this, it’s no wonder the reason people keep coming back for more lies in the heart and soul of our food!.